Winglets – AR6 Q40 model

AR6 Q40 model

Winglets installed on a “Big Bruce Racing” – AR6 Q40 model

Just another example of the SCADAERO antenna winglets mounted to a Big Bruce Racing AR6 Q40 model. Looks pretty cool hey?

I’ve been running winglets on my F400 (similar to Q40 class in Victoria, Australia) for just on 12 months with no issues at all. Even if your fuselage isn’t made of carbon fibre, these winglets ensure your antenna is positioned in the optimum position and isn’t just flopping around inside the plane.

Ideal for use with Futaba FASST, JR Carbon & many 3rd party twin antenna, 2.4Gz radio receivers.

Trade inquiries are welcome or for retail, you can purchase direct from this website.