Winglet Testing

Our first samples produced by our production tooling have been assembled into a small number of kits. Some samples have been sent to a prominent Australian pylon racing identity for testing on F5D pylon racers. These fuselages are made exclusively if carbon fibre.

In the mean-time we have installed a set of winglets on my F400 (AUST/VIC version similar to Q40 class) which is also a full carbon fibre fuselage. Prior to installation, range testing was carried out and there was no discernible different between the antennas out in the open and them being installed in the winglets.

Winglets installed on my F400 (V-Racer

Inside the F400 fuselage. Coaxial cable is retained by the mounting plug and the short silicone tubing.

Flight testing will be carried out this weekend at VMPRA’s Munro pylon event.

As we have received production stock of the winglets, stock will be ready for purchase by the middle of August. Outlets will be announced shortly.