Flight tests – Race conditions

Winglets fitted and ready for racing (day 2).

There is no better test than to use a product in real life conditions. Last weekend, I flew my F400 (AUST Q40 equivalent) at the VMPRA event in Munro. We flew 9 rounds over the weekend plus a test flight each morning, making it a total of 11 flights.

All went well with the winglets doing their job perfectly. Radio control integrity was flawless, the winglet structural integrity also flawless and lots of comments. I even came 4th! Not back considering being only my  3 competition flying in this class.
Our first small assembly & packaging run was next completed and winglet kits sent off to our first customer.

The winglets makes my not so cool model look cooler!

It’s a bit early to say, but SCADAERO’s antenna winglets will soon be seen on the world competition stage in the near future. More information about this to come soon.